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On the day of my birth, twenty five years ago. I was born in an old farm house, in a magic circle, surrounded with women, mooing like cows 🐮 I came out fist first and they said I would be an activist. My mom taught Women’s Studies and told her boss they had to let her bring me to work so they did. She nursed me in front of her entire class when I spoke my first word “Teta!”. I had a raspy little voice and she called me Louie Armstrong. When I was five I called her an asshole in KMart and I am still not sorry because I am pretty sure she was being an asshole and should of just bought me the kitten. When I was probably 17 we were fighting and I was going to drive away and I (accidentally) ran her foot over with my car. That one I still feel really bad about. She has never held a single thing against me. When I was a teenager she brought me breakfast in bed every weekend and we would sit in my tiny twin sized lil princess bed (that I requested when I was like 16..and got) drinking tea and talking about whatever weekly dramas were happening in my life. I am so lucky to have been born to this incredible woman and now to have her as my mom, best friend, neighbor and Nana to my own daughter. I don’t fuss over her enough. I am not a mushy loving daughter, but I should be. I love you @loisjoybird 💖 thank you for making me me, I hope I am as wonderfully weird as you are some day (or maybe I already am!) #ilovemymom #mothersday #homebirth #photoofaphoto

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