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My favorite thing ever

When Sophie and I are hugging or even if I just pick her up out of her highchair or something she snuggles in and goes “Ooooh little mama, I love little mommy, oooh”


Amber Fillerup-barefootblonde and her son
Why would you delay the hearing test?
- Anonymous

Because it’s unnecessary and made her cry a lot.

God that picture of baby Sophie sleeping that you posted is so so so sweet. Makes me feel so happy! She is such a little doll.
- Anonymous

She is!! Awwh, I’ve got baby fever real bad right now so I’m indulging myself with baby Sophie pictures. She was (and still is) the sweetest sight my eyes have ever seen.

and did somebody besides the doc catch her & is it safe to pull the baby out yourself? I always see pictures but do you think its more of a spur of the moment thing or can I ask my doc about that?
- Anonymous

I believe it’s 100% safe but in our case our doctor caught her and handed her to me right after. In the future I would prefer to have a water birth and catch the baby myself though

How soon after birth did Soph nurse? When did she get bathed, measured, weighed and footprints, shots? (& do you remember the order)? Sorry for all the questions just tryna get a timeline
- Anonymous

She nursed within 5 minutes of birth. We put on my birth plan (I think there is a link on the main page of my blog) not to bath, measure or “mess with” her right after birth. She was measured and weighed a few hours after birth, she got her first “bath” around 11pm (she was born at 10am) by us with the nurses assistance but if I were to have another hospital birth I would skip it all together. No shots or eye drops, I think she got her foot prints the next day although it may have been later on the day she was born I can’t remember that clearly to be honest. I also would skip (or delay) the hearing test in the future.


Photo by Aly Carroll
in ten years


she won’t remember

smiling before drinking my milk
or falling asleep after
still latched

the way she grabbed my hair
or my finger
or my shirt
or my necklace

my too-frequent kisses
or our midnight cuddles

but i will

Sophie and I are getting matching Plum Pretty Sugar robes as our wedding present from Jake and I am just a tad bit excited about them. I am pretty sure this is the print I want but I’m not 100% positive yet!
Jake is getting a new soccer jersey and I am “vowing” not to put it in the dryer and ruin it like I did with his other two. 
What does vsco stand for? I see the majority of your pictures tags with vsco something or other...
- Anonymous

It’s (the best) photo editing app, VSCOcam :)

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